Augmented Reality Inspection & Audit

Remote Hands Support

Save time, money, travel and stop loss

  • Capture real world spaces as digital twins
  • Document hot spots spatially using Augmented Reality
  • Compare “now” and “then” states run realtime
  • Stream live to remote auditors and inspectors

Perfect for:


makeSEA Inspection

vs. Typical Inspection:

makeSEA Inspection

  • No travel: remote visit via on-site proxy
  • Geo-spatially located “hot-spot” capture and annotation
  • Auditor/Inspector or SME can be there as if in person, remotely
  • Realtime workflow allows for faster mitigation and support

Average on-site inspecting cost:
less than $250* per location, per visit

Typical Inspection

  • Multiple visits required to inspect and verify: $800-1500/visit
  • Hot-spots located manually: necessitates hours of on-site searching
  • Auditor must be on location
  • Asynchronous workflow: back and forth can take hours or days

Average on-site inspecting cost:
$2500* per location, per visit

*Assumes a minimum of two site inspections per audit, minimum of 10 inspections per year; estimates include a hardware cost amortized over 24 mos.

Construction Management with Augmented & Virtual Reality

For Business

Discover how to apply AR/VR to your business with minimal risk and investment, using content your teams are already producing today to differentiate and get ahead of your competition.
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Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality For Education

For Creators & Influencers

Publish experiences that compel, inform, and influence the way no other medium can. Enhance your existing media presence with spatial experiences and content, and be the first to innovate using AR/VR to tell your story!
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Build your own metaverse project spaces using content that you are already producing –a collection of virtual and augmented reality spaces where you can compel, explain and share with other people who may or may not be in the same physical space as you.

Collaboration and Content Publishing for Augmented (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR)

Tell Your Story, Better

Using Content Relevant to Your Audience

A Better Place to Keep Your Stuff

makeSEA is the fastest way to organize and share your content as if you are together with your audience in real life and keep it fresh, using next-generation virtual and augmented reality technology.

Works with Devices and Brands

Oculus headset
Microsoft Hololens
Laptop or Desktop
Mobile devices

Available for additional AR and VR platforms for Business

Live Collaboration in Mixed Reality

Research shows that using augmented (AR), and virtual reality (VR), is more compelling and more likely to persuade your audience to buy, learn, and understand what you have to share. Use makeSEA to deliver content that connects with your audience like no other medium can.

Mixed Reality Production that Takes Minutes, Not Days or Weeks

Start collaborating in XR on day one with content you already create.

10X-100X Time Savings, Expandable Apps

Use makeSEA to reduce your AR and VR production time by an order of magnitude, or two. Keep things fresh and relevant and improve experiences over time as your content, creative tools and display technologies mature.

Prototype Mixed Reality Apps with Ease

Save on development and publication time and associated costs by using makeSEA to refresh and update in-app content with an easy social-media style workflow.

How It Works


Create a makeSEA account, start a project and upload content.


Launch Catapult, makeSEA’s mixed reality app on your VR or AR compatible device. Catapult your vision in real time for FREE.

For Detailed Instructions, App Download and Installation.


Share your content and collaborate with others together in real-time in the same physical space and remotely.


makeSEA is the best way to share your content in AR/VR/XR! Compare us to Spatial, THE WILD, AltspaceVR and Microsoft MESH to learn why:

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