makeSEA for 3D Print Creators

Store, organize, VISUALIZE, sell and track your designs

Curate Your Designs, Collaborate, Share, Sell, Track, and more . . .

Fair Trade and Attribution for Independent 3D Print Designers™

makeSEA is a platform built by and for independent 3D print object designers to safely share and curate projects, including all supporting collateral and instructions as they evolve over time. When you register your intellectual property with makeSEA it remains yours ALWAYS –unlike other 3D print repositories and catalogs. Your project data can be for your eyes only, for team members or license holders only, or available to all, with easy to use access controls and reporting. We've got your back.

Get Recognized - Get Paid - You Deserve It!

makeSEA's Patented Digital Media Marking System workflow gives you Attribution with Pay®: tracking of nested attribution for all of your project contributions, and optionally, compensation for your hard work. With your permission, your designs can be mashed up or embedded deeply into others and resold while ensuring you get proper credit for your contribution. makeSEA helps to be vigilant about monitoring the reuse of your designs and preventing unauthorized use. Think about it, the project combinations and your opportunity to seed designs that are popular on their own, or as fundamental components of other designs is virtually unlimited! Go make something.®

Keep Track of Whole Projects Updates In Detail

makeSEA features advanced asset and project management, multifaceted lineage and attribution tracking, version and asset distribution control and reporting, team collaboration, granular change logging, content management for 3D printed objects and project designs, a TON of cool project content to get started, and of course: Much Much More! makeSEA is the ideal place for designers to showcase their brand and designs, track and control intellectual property.

Your complimentary makeSEA account includes a 3D asset library to store, organize, version and track the evolution and reuse of your designs. Distribute your 3D print designs publicly, or privately.

  • Gain access to exclusive makeSEA content.
  • Track, analyze, brand and showcase your design collections.
  • Share, your way.
  • Single point distribution and version control.

Get started today

1. makeSEA is FREE to join. Signup only takes a moment, and there is no obligation or cost to use makeSEA to curate your design collections.

2. Post your first project:

  • After signing in, go to MY PROJECTS -> Create New Project to get started.
  • Organize your assets in your private library and distribute protected versions your way.
  • You can invite team members and decide if your project is private or available to everyone.
  • For projects you choose to make available publicly, our Mash Market team will reach out to you to inquire about helping to sell and promote your designs in the Mash Market, at your option.

3. Share, Track and Analyze

  • Use your makeSEA dashboard to track activity related to your shared work.
  • Share your makeSEA protected assets anywhere you like.
  • Version your file once, and it is immediately updated everywhere your makeSEA asset is shared.

Access to online tools

  • Use your account to curate your private library of assets.
  • Create a metadata model for your catalog that is meaningful to your audience.
  • Protect designs automatically for download and generate "web safe" distributable versions that cannot be used without your knowledge or permission (great for catalogs that require a file upload vs. download link).
  • Make them freely accessible or limit access to authorized users.
  • Use version control to track changes and rollback.
  • Sync your catalog with multiple devices.
  • Create a Personal or Community Profile and showcase your protected work; create a social presence and community that caters specifically to your 3D design audience.
  • Distribute your assets: publicly, privately from your personal makeSEA Community, via the makeSEA Showcase and Mash Market®.
  • Distribute your protected designs via other marketplaces like Thingiverse, 3DWarehouse, Amazon, eBay, and more while makeSEA ensures you can track it, regardless of the point of distribution.
  • When you create new version updates in your makeSEA catalog, versioned assets are immediately updated everywhere that your makeSEA assets are shared. You can share version specific copies, or point to the latest version.

Get cool stuff and sell your designs

Visit the makeSEA Mash Market® for Lots of Amazing Objects

As a makeSEA member you get access to exclusive collections of object designs. The Mash Market is comprised of tons of useful parametric objects, documentation and other supporting collateral to make quick work of modern 3D object design including fasteners, boxes, lids, motors, generators, wind turbines and much more! Curious about what exotic materials actually work? We've got you covered.

When you are ready you can share or sell your makeSEA Assets and Object collections and link them back to makeSEA for deep analytics and access control of your intellectual property. Or, keep them private and share only with select audiences.

If you choose to let others mashup and re-use your designs, makeSEA helps to ensure that you get attribution for future generations that evolve from your original work.

Important Hint!: The more re-mashable your designs are, the more likely they are to be popular in the Mash Market®.

Attribution for the long-term: let your designs evolve. Get credit.