For 3D Print Designers

Store, curate, track, share and visualize your designs.

makeSEA is a platform built by and for independent 3D print object designers to safely share and curate projects, including all supporting collateral and instructions as they evolve over time.

Download the Catapult App for your AR/VR device

Once you have joined makeSEA you can choose to add the augmented (AR) or virtual (VR) reality function to your projects. Using Magic Leap, Oculus or Hololens you have the ability to share and collaborate together or remotely on projects with others. Use content you are already creating, no coding required.

Track the evolution of your designs and projects

Your complimentary makeSEA account includes a 3D asset library to store, organize, version and track the evolution and reuse of your designs. Distribute your 3D print designs publicly, or privately with single point distribution and version control.

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