Catapult is makeSEA's Mixed Reality Client for AR/VR

Meta Quest 3, Pro, 2

Install from the Meta Quest App Lab HERE

Or search for “Catapult” in the Meta Quest App Lab to Install

Note: Catapult is published as an App Lab app.  You must search by name to locate it. 

Download the Latest Catapult release 5.3.j .apk for side loading HERE
(updated 1/24/2024) 

Use the sideQuest or your preferred MDM solution to install to your device.

Magic Leap 2

Download the Latest Catapult Release 6.1f .apk HERE
(updated 3/25/2024)

Use the Magic Leap Hub or your preferred MDM solution to install to your device.

for help and assistance with installation, setup, or using makeSEA and Catapult.


Now Start Sharing in Mixed Reality! . . .

Create a Project under the My Projects menu, and upload your content from most any source.

Launch Catapult, makeSEA’s mixed reality client app on your VR or AR compatible device.

Share and collaborate using your own content, in real-time in the same physical space and remotely.

  • Catapult lets you share your makeSEA Project content with others, together, as if in real-life. You can mix 3D models and designs, real world “digital twin” captures from iOS and LIDAR devices, and 2D and 360 surround video.  
  • Host your audience live, or leave them a space to explore on their own.
  • Once you upload your content you can place, scale and save the assets in the project space for others to see. Objects can be small, e.g. table-sized, or world-sized like the inside of a building, facility, or machine, etc.  
  • Mix and match your content to tell a story, teach a lesson, demonstrate a product or influence your audience. Take them anywhere and show them anything you can imagine as if it is a first-hand experience.
  • No commitment required.

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