For Architecture, Design and Construction Management

Differentiate from competitors

Differentiate yourself from competitors using next-level design and collaboration capabilities.

makeSEA provides a suite of tools designed to help architecture, design and construction firms offer customers a truly different bid, buy, and build experience. With makeSEA you can help your clients visualize their projects in the real world.

Show them your vision

Give buyers a perspective on your vision and design smarter, more efficiently, with less guesswork.

Help buyers understand complex designs as they exist in real physical space. Visualize new builds at scale.

Make the buy decision easy and quick.

Showcase options and upgrades on-site. Let buyers walk through layouts and pick finishes in their own unfinished space.

Get everyone on the same page. makeSEA’s over the air collaboration tools allow visualization of plans and changes in the field. Get real-time updates to project files, notes, and other collateral. Keep clients, design teams and contractors in sync by documenting and communicating change decisions as they occur regardless of everyone’s location.

Show existing infrastructure.

See existing infrastructure embedded in walls and surfaces for easy location and access.

Superimpose new plans in real space. Identify conflicts before mistakes are made. Check planned changes on the fly.

Let them hold the vision in their hands.

Traditional architectural models are expensive and time consuming too produce, fragile, and impractical to keep up to date.

Quickly convert your digital plans into durable 3D-printed models that help speed up decision making and avoid costly changes and delays. With makeSEA clients can experience the vision, in full-scale, in the real world and take it with them to hold in their hands and their imagination.

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