For Business

Compel your audience with Content Management and Cross-Platform Collaboration for Augmented and Virtual Reality

The makeSEA platform provides a modular front and back-end framework for 3D asset management. Can be customized for Enterprise clients.

Transform your business processes.

Utilize makeSEA and the Catapult App for AR/VR capabilities with the device of your choice using content you are already producing.

Research shows that using augmented (AR), and virtual reality (VR), is more compelling and more likely to persuade your audience to buy, learn, and understand what you have to share. Use makeSEA to deliver content that connects with your audience like no other medium can. The makeSEA Content Management System is project storage space for content and assets you can use to share or collaborate on, internally or with anyone anywhere, through your AR/VR device(s).

  • Improve employee productivity
  • Enhance maintenance, training and skills
  • Improve your business processes and safety practices
  • Speed production and product design and development
  • Enhance marketing and sales cycles
  • See cost savings

For Enterprise Clients

makeSEA can be used out of the box — or  for enterprise clients — customized to suit your needs. You can use makeSEA to build a complete branded experience, or integrate makeSEA’s sophisticated functionality into your existing applications for access control, asset management, and analytics. For Enterprise clients there is a comprehensive suite of tools for Web content and document management, social (blogs, wikis, forums), custom responsive themes, department and project sites, SSO integration and much more. Build any type of Web site around your content catalog, branded any way you like.

  • Custom showcase and store fronts
  • White label catalogs
  • Project collaboration
  • Asset management
  • Distribution control
  • Comprehensive content management
  • The most mature and extensible API available for integration

Use makeSEA with the Catapult App for AR/VR

With makeSEA and the Catapult App getting content onto your AR/VR device of choice Is as easy as a social media post. UPLOAD, PUBLISH, VISUALIZE live updated content in real time.

Online tools for asset management

  • Your makeSEA account includes an asset library to store, organize, version, and distribute your files publicly, or privately.
  • Easy access and management of all your project files from the cloud.
  • Your makeSEA Library is manageable via the Web, desktop and mobile. Sync them for local use and keep track of version changes from everywhere. Drop a folder of objects in at once, or check in objects one by one and add deep detail to describe their purpose.

Version Control and distribution management

  • Every single entry or update to the system is recorded, versioned, and can be retrieved, including Project descriptions, assets, metadata and all supporting collateral.
  • Back up your IP claims with a living historical record of designs as they evolve over time and cross-purpose. All entries and updates to project collateral are time-stamped and auditable for historical record.
  • makeSEA supports custom metadata models for your catalog that are meaningful to your audience and purpose and can include virtually any important parametric details: application/fit, materials or output-specific information, test and quality control data, etc.
  • Project assets can propagate to other projects while keeping track of all lineage and attribution.
  • Metadata set can evolve and grow as objects are mashed up and reused.

Showcase, share and collaborate

  • Build a branded site with the commercial based CMS.
  • Use permissions controls to share content any way you want — with a select audience or publicly.
  • Create project and team spaces.
  • Collaborate and share your vision using the content you are already creating and your AR/VR device of choice.

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