For Enterprise

makeSEA Content Management and Cross-Platform Collaboration for Augmented and Virtual Reality

Available as a privately branded (white-label) or custom integrated solution for enterprise. Get all the benefits of makeSEA for AR and VR with custom solutions available.

Customize to integrate existing systems and content

makeSEA provides the most mature and extensible API for integration of existing content and systems. You have access to a comprehensive suite of tools for 3D asset management, distribution control, web content, analytics, document management, social, custom responsive themes, department and project sites, SSO integration and much more.

Get started with no coding required

Start simple and customize as you go. As easy as a social media post. makeSEA is the fastest way to get your business onto your AR/VR devices. Simply upload your content, publish your content, and visualize the updated content in real-time.

Create content, or use existing content with the AR/VR device of your choice

Businesses of all sizes are already usingĀ  AR/VR for remote collaboration and sharing, for training, in marketing and product development, and in whatever capacity fits their need. Easily keep content fresh and relevant with tools that provide real-time updates.

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