For Trade Shows & Exhibits

Elevate your presentation with next-level tech capabilities

makeSEA provides 3D spatial computing tools to enhance your trade show booth, kiosk or displays. Build excitement, increase perceived value and promote greater brand awareness as you provide a deeper learning experience for your audience.

For museums and kiosk presentations

Immerse participants in the experience as you drive more engagement with your displays. Create a buzz around your presentations bringing them back for more.

For builders of custom trade show booths

Offer the makeSEA 3D spatial computing tools as a premium enhancement to custom designed installations. Show your clients how to get more booth engagement, increase brand awareness and take their trade show presentations to the next level with:

  • virtual tours
  • virtual option choices
  • 3D visualization of product in a real environment

Enhance trade show presentations to wow your competitors and build buzz and excitement

Showcase new products, help customers comparison shop or use as a demo tool that will spark interest and increase foot traffic for your booth.

makeSEA+Catapult In Action at DISH Team Summit

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