Exploring magnetic PLA and other 3d printer filaments

  Question of the day: Can the reduced magnetism of 3D-printable magnetic PLA from Proto Pasta actually resolve efficiency issues by reducing eddy currents in a 3D printed motor?...

Why 3D printing will change the world: reason 13

3D printing is unleashing conceptual designs from the minds of students, amatuers, professional 3D designers and engineers worldwide. And that is a good thing. It allows for trial and error and...

makeSEA Knowledge - Magnetic PLA - Heavy Metal Clog

Heavy metal clog on R2x with magnetic PLA I thought I knew, how it works to print magnetic PLA from Proto Pasta, so I started to design more complex objects. Actually I wanted to know, how...

makeSEA Analysis - Printing Conductive PLA from Proto Pasta with Replicator 2x - Isolation

Printing Conductive PLA from Proto Pasta with Replicator 2x - isolation Now I know, how the conductive PLA from Proto Pasta can transport current. Apart from powering devices which consume...

FEATURED - makeSEA windpowerWriter Wind Turbine Project

This project has been moved to Christoph Laimer's project page and may be accessed here .

makeSEA Brushless Motor v2

This page has moved to Christoph Laimer's projects and may be accessed here .

makeSEA windpowerWriter Wind Turbine Parts List

Parts List for windpowerWriter Below is a list of parts, not 3D printable, for the windpowerWriter. The links provided are suggestions only as some of these may be sourced from other...

FEATURED - makeSEA 3D printed brushless motor

FEATURED - makeSEA 3D Printed Brushless Motor v.2

makeSEA Analysis - Brushless Motor - Selecting the Magnets

Brushless Motor: Selecting the Magnets (see also,  Brushless Motor ) The force of the magnets is categorised in grades: N35, N45, N50, N52 are very common, whereas N52 is the...

makeSEA 3D Printed Brushless Motor v0 (prototype)

  makeSEA Brushless Motor v0 (Prototype) (see also,  Brushless Motor v.2 ) In the beginning was the word - Chris asked me to buy conductive and magnetic PLA from Proto...

makeSEA Wind Turbine Project

[[FEATURED - makeSEA windpowerWriter Wind Turbine Project]]

Mash Market Library of Useful Objects

[[makeSEA Mash Market Library of Useful Objects]]

Welcome to MakeSEA

Welcome to MakeSEA