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  • Uses a Liferay URL filter to catch urls /glbconvert/*
  • Expected in the form: '/glbconvert/companyId/folderId/fileEntryId/dlName/version/fileType/fileName'
  • Node server located in dev at /webapps/liferay-2p/glbserver', run with "node glbserver.js" from that directory
  • Config located at /glbserver/config.json. Port currently set to 8089
  • GLBs saved at /glbserver/glb/ under companyId-fileEntryId-majorVersion-minorVersion.glb
  • fileName is the name of the file that will be returned. I typically take the original file and return it with -CONVERTED.glb (e.g ice.fbx -> ice-CONVERTED.glb)
  • For FBXs, the file is copied to a temp folder /glbserver/temp before conversion because fbx2gltf likes to use the original file location as a temp directory and I didnt want it writing things in the doc lib


Supports three conversions:

  1. STL-> FBX via headless blender, then FBX -> GLB
  2. FBX (single file ending in .fbx) -> GLB via
  3.  OBJ (single file ending in .obj) -> GLB via
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