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Genesis Exhibits demonstration space

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To view this project:

  1. Install the latest version of Catapult from Magic Leap World
  2. Launch Catapult and login with your makeSEA credentials
  3. Select this project (Genesis Exhibits), from the menu to proceed to the collaboration space



  1. Pull the trigger once to set the "safety"
  2. Pull and hold the trigger while pressing on the Control Pad to manipulate the scene:
  • Press the top of the pad to move forward
  • Press the bottom of the Pad to move backward
  • Press the left or right side of the Pad to move side to side
  • Swipe up/down on the Pad to move the scene up or down

*hint:  the movement is relative to where the controller is pointing not where you are looking.  If you press down on the top of the pad and point to the right, you will move towards the right.  This makes it easy to navigate by pressing top/forward and pointing the controller in the direction you want to head.  Alternately, ff the controller is pointed forward for your perspective, then the objects will move relative to the location of your thumb on th Pad.

  • Make a circle with your thumb on the pad to rotate the large press
  1. To move the other independent objects like the Wind Turbine and Autoclave:  
  • look at the object
  • do not press the trigger
  • use the Control Pad the same way you did to move the booth scene.

This scene includes example video content.


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