Standards in the 3D Print Industry

By lending your voice, you can help us influence 3D printer manufacturers to play fair and adopt standards that help protect your work and provide interoperability between file formats, authoring tools, and printers.

makeSEA is developing open and freely distributed software and API standards to help facilitate attribution and control as well as dynamic metadata cataloging.

If you look at today's 3D landscape, standards are evolving to solve industry problems. Standards like 3MF are a great start, and much needed. With printer and software manufacturers well represented in the discussions, independent designers need a seat at the table. makeSEA is here to represent that interest: to help ensure the outcome evolves in a manner that is beneficial to all, not just the technology providers or major brand licensors.

makeSEA provides open standards and software APIs designed to work independently of any particular format, application, or printer. Our goal is to encourage manufacturers to build native support for our open DRM and tracking controls into their technologies - to benefit features and interoperability across platforms. And most importantly, this support will give the independent creator and designer the ability to track and control their original work.


Working to Establish an Open DOM

One major key to interoperability is creating a Document Object Model, or DOM, that is able to help organize large hierarchies of assets and information, or metadata, that is used to describe them. For example, all of the different types of medical devices, or machines types, or - well - you get the idea. makeSEA serves to publish an open and ever-improving DOM for objects based on a combination of existing and well formed standards, along with the evolving input of our members. Your catalogs help inform the makeSEA DOM in a way that will, over time, improve the interoperability of objects. The more detailed your catalog metadata is, the better the DOM becomes.


Join Us

Use the makeSEA Community to be heard and lend support to the makeSEA Standards Committee to represent your interests and concerns. Whether the issue is color management, interoperability, compatability, or open format, we're here to help represent the independent designer on these critical agendas.

Once a member, you will be informed on important developments as we represent your interests. Our participation in events like 3DDC, IEEE committees, and key standards symposiums and conferences will help ensure that you are well represented by a technology agnostic community comprised of independent designers with similar interests and concerns.

makeSEA strives to assert standards that help drive adoption, and facilitate growth of, 3D design standards. We want your voice heard - become a part of the movement today!