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Snap - Fit Double Clip Version A

This Double Snap Fit is basically the same as two mirrored basic clips. It has the same advantages, but in addition the two symmetrical hooks hold the mountable part more evenly. With only one hook it

Demonstration Project for Exibitors

A collection of 3D makeSEA objects transformed for Magic Leap for use with exhibitors, museums and more.

Upload Test

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Cable Ties

More than just a cable tie. Because these versatile ties can be printed in many sizes and widths, they are suitable for many projects. Customize with color and use in the garden, workshop, office, or

Snap - Fit Clip Version B

The design is not much different than the basic “Snap Fit Clip”. The slanted angle of the hook allows the clip to be dismounted by just pulling it back. The angle is a parameter in the f3d-file.

stl to magic leap

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Mammoth Mountain

This is an experimental model of Mammoth Mountain, CA.

Magic Leap

Magic Leap Spacial Computing Integration Project.  This is an experimental display gallery to understand scale, positioning, and markup. 

Aspen Gondola

Photogrammetry test of a model Aspen Gondola

Half Dome

This is an experimental 3D modeling project of Half Dome in Yosemite, CA.


Fluke 8842A Replacement Parts

This is a L/R Handle replacement part for the Fluke 8842A Desktop Multimeter.

Curate Demo

A demonstration collaboration space using Sharespace by makeSEA


Print your own propellers! The pitch and diameter of these designs are adjustable and can be optimized for the geometry of the propellers and the hub can be tuned for a specific plane.

Snap - Fit Round Version A

It’s a dismountable snap fit. The holding force is relatively low (depending on the hook width). This makes it useful for a door lock. The design is related to the “Snap Fit Double B” with flipped hooks



This is a test.   This is only a test.  Do not attempt to adjust your set.

CKEditor MlImport Guide

This is a guide to our ckeditor plugin to assist with the importation and editing of magicleap objects alongside my understanding of the prismatic api.

helikopter disli sistemi

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