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MOXI Foley Studio

This is a Magic Leap test proeject.

McLaren P1 GTR

This is a Magic Leap test project.


Half Dome

This is an experimental 3D modeling project of Half Dome in Yosemite, CA.

Curate Demo

A demonstration collaboration space using Sharespace by makeSEA

Snap Lid for Jars

Need a replacement top for those jars with missing lids? Print his replacement jar lid, available in a variety of sizes, and you've got the perfect solution. You might even want to get creative and

Torsion Hinge

In contrast to the flexing hinge, this hinge has thin parts, which are stressed only by torsion. The torsion bands are long enough to avaid plastic deformation.

makeSEA Showcase Demo

This project demonstrates how makeSEA CMS for Magic Leap works.

windpowerWriter Smart Wind Turbine

This is a 3D-printed, fully functional Wind Turbine (WT) at small scale, using commonly available printing technologies and materials.


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Project page with a .fbx file of an ice cream cone.

Snap - Fit Double Clip Version B

See description of basic “Snap Fit Clip Double Clip”. Only difference is the hook angle used in order to make it dismountable. The slanted angle of the hook allows the clip to be dismounted by pulling
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