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makeSEA Brushless Motor - 60W

Setting itself apart from other 3D-printed motor prototypes, makeSEA’s brushless motor can be printed on most consumer-grade 3D printers and assembled by virtually anyone. It is fully functional, reliable

Battery free bike light

This is a 3D printed, battery operated bike light.

Solar Water Distiller

This project is to design a 3d printable system which can clean polluted water.

Interlocking Hinge

This collection has a hinge solution for almost every need. The hinge prints in one piece. The two parts are interlocking (can’t be taken apart).

Aspen Gondola

Photogrammetry test of a model Aspen Gondola

Multi tool slider

A simple 3D printable sliding system to make straight cuts or carvings with a multi tool.

McLaren P1 GTR

This is a Magic Leap test project.

Heating Infrastructure

Click here to edit your project summary.  You can include inline images if you prefer.


Click here to edit your project summary.  You can include inline images if you prefer.

CKEditor MlImport Guide

This is a guide to our ckeditor plugin to assist with the importation and editing of magicleap objects alongside my understanding of the prismatic api.

Snap - Fit Cantilever Version A

This Snap Fit is permanently locking - basically it can’t be dismounted. By designing a small hole at the location of the hook, the hook could be bent back by pushing a small pin through the hole (an

MOXI Foley Studio

This is a Magic Leap test proeject.

Soda Bottle

This is a test for inline GLB delivery to Unity on Magic Leap.

Grid Selection

Remote calling of GLB assets into Unity

Curate Demo

A demonstration collaboration space using Sharespace by makeSEA

Spatula Collection Version B with Teeth

This collection mimics the B Collection but with the addition of teeth for more grip! Use it as needed to mix, spread and lift materials in the kitchen, the craft room, garage... uses are endless!

Snap - Fit Double Clip Version B

See description of basic “Snap Fit Clip Double Clip”. Only difference is the hook angle used in order to make it dismountable. The slanted angle of the hook allows the clip to be dismounted by pulling

Snap - Fit Clip Version A

Advantage: very short hole length (beam). The flexible part of the beam/hook is on the other side of the hole. Similar to the cantilever snap fit, the size of this flexible par depends on the material,

Demonstration Project for Exibitors

A collection of 3D makeSEA objects transformed for Magic Leap for use with exhibitors, museums and more.
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