Professional Services

A full range of 3D object design and engineering services

Custom 3D engineering, support, and design

  • Custom 3D printable object design
  • Work with award-winning 3D design specialists like Christoph Laimer
  • Electrical and mechanical engineers with a broad background of 3D design experience

Mixed use, multi-material and complex integrated object support

  • Push the practical limits of 3D printed materials and printers to produce practical applications
  • Produce designs that can evolve and mature with 3D printing technology
  • Detailed materials and application analysis, and practical integration planning to ensure that your custom designs are both immediately useful and extensible

Utilize makeSEA's comprehensive management and lineage tools

  • Keep track of the evolution and mashup of your custom designs
  • Make your designs available to other makeSEA members for reuse, and profit from the sale of derivative objects
  • Leverage the Mash Market of Useful Objects to accelerate designs
  • Create branded and white label catalogs


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