makeSEA for Enterprise

Providing a branded, secure environment for access control, 3D asset management, and analytics.

For Enterprise Clients

makeSEA is a fully customizable platform with a modular front and back-end framework for 3D asset management. You can use makeSEA to build a complete branded experience, or integrate makeSEA’s sophisticated functionality into your existing applications for access control, asset management, and analytics. makeSEA is built on top of Liferay Enterprise Edition social media platform and for Enterprise includes a comprehensive suite of tools for Web content and document management, social (blogs, wikis, forums), custom responsive themes, department and project sites, SSO integration and much more. Build any type of Web site around your content catalog, branded any way you like.

  • Custom showcase and store fronts
  • White label catalogs
  • Project collaboration
  • Asset management
  • Distribution control
  • Comprehensive content management
  • The most mature and extensible API available for integration

Online tools for asset management

Your makeSEA account includes a 3D asset library to store, organize, version, and distribute your 3D print designs publicly, or privately. makeSEA analytics give you insight into all of the activity surrounding your makeSEA objects.

The genealogy tracker helps keep track of asset relationships and mashups at a glance. Your makeSEA Dashboard also ties your public pages and objects to your Google Analytics account. Get a comprehensive view of your object activity across makeSEA, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and almost any web site.

Easy access and management of all your project files from the cloud.

Your makeSEA Library is manageable via the Web, desktop and mobile. Sync them for local use and keep track of version changes from everywhere. Drop a folder of objects in at once, or check in objects one by one and add deep detail to describe their purpose.

Version control and distribution management

Your makeSEA library comes with comprehensive version control: any time you update a file a new version is recorded. You can revert to previous versions, and even link specific versions to other objects to ensure continuity as the object matures.

Your makeSEA account gives you single point distribution of objects to other repositories. When you share your makeSEA protected files automatically reference the “head” version of your work unless you choose otherwise. When you update objects in your library, your protected makeSEA objects shared across the web automatically refer to the latest version. Share your wares everywhere knowing the protected assets will ensure that users that access your files become part of your makeSEA network. You can watch as they make new objects available from your Dashboard.

The makeSEA object model is as detailed as you make it: start with a simple title or description, add details about how it prints across various devices, or add descriptions for almost any application: education, engineering, medical, science, art, — all of your detail remains searchable, and you can always improve the description of objects and collections over time.

Showcase, share and collaborate

Showcase your works. Your makeSEA account comes with a public profile that is fully customizable. Start with a quick description and a couple of pictures using our easy WYSIWYG editors. OR, build a completely branded site to showcase your work with a commercial grade content management system to manage your work.

Share any way you like. Your makeSEA library comes complete with permissions controls to keep your objects private, share them with a select audience, or make them public to the world.

Create project and team spaces. makeSEA also offers special group sites for team and project collaboration, publicly, or privately — you make the choice.

Collaborate with other professionals. makeSEA Forums are the place to discuss new design concepts, technologies, and to exchange ideas. Your makeSEA profile page also comes complete with a social-network friendly blog to share your ideas.

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