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box hex hinge living torsion snap fit clip spatula a
cable ties  jar snap fit clip b spatula a teeth
brushless motor propellers snap fit clip double spatula b
glass jar lid solar water distiller snap fit clip double b spatula b teeth
hinge living flexion snap fit cantilever snap fit round a water turbine
hinge interlocking snap fit cantilever b snap fit round b wind turbine


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makeSEA Solar Water Distiller

makeSEA Solar Water Distiller Idea / Requirements Design a 3d-printable system which can clean polluted water. There are systems, where the water is initially cleaned with some kind of natural filter consisting of pebbbles, sand, and charcoal (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Biosand_filter). In DIY-projects people use PET-bottles as a container/funnel containing these...

Solar Water Distiller

Solar Water Distiller

This project is to design a 3d printable system which can clean polluted water.

The base consists of an array of basins (black) which are filled with polluted water. The sun shines through the transparent lid and heats up the water and the air inside the box. The water evaporates, it can’t escape the box, humidity reaches 100%. Since the lid has a lower temperature (environment temperature), the vapor will condensate and build water droplets at the inside surface of the lid. The surface of the lid is tilted, and condensated water droplets are collected in a channel at the bottom edge of the lid. Read more about this project on the wiki post.

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