Coming Soon

The makeSEA Mash MarketTM is the place to showcase your wares for sale.

If you have 3D object designs or other digital creative IP you wish to make available for sale, we’ve got you covered. Objects that you promote to the Mash Market become available for single-use purchase, and also for purchase as a mashup object source component.

  • When other designers use your object to create more sophisticated objects, they are also committing to pay you your stated fee for every copy they sell. 
  • Choose to give your objects away, and get attribution on future work.
  • Or, create objects of intrinsic value and sell them in perpetuity as they get rehashed into other objects. Keep track of your work with the makeSEA Dashboard and Genealogy Tracker.


Watch for future updates and the launch of the makeSEA Mash Market.