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using the 660w motor on a bike

using the 660w motor on a bike
6/18/18 12:07 PM

Hello everybody, can we use the 660w printed motor or other printed motor on a bike wheels  ?

the material will resist ?


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RE: using the 660w motor on a bike
7/11/18 12:33 AM as a reply to Virgil Boigeol Boigeol.

Hi Virgil,

Thanks for posting.  The short answer is "Yes!", that is a perfect application for the Halbach motor design and others have proposed a similar project.  

In fact, one of our favorite all-time Makers, Brook Drumm from printrbot, has been working on exactly that.  I'll see about getting you connected.

Meanwhile, we encourage you to start a project at makeSEA to start documenting any progress and you can allow others to contribute to the project.  We are more than happy to help curate and organize the content, and also help to bring the product to market and advertise it when you are ready.  That's what we're here for.

With makeSEA, every detail you upload to your project is recorded, timestamped, and auditable to keep a living record of the changes from every contributor as it evolves.

To get started:

Up top, click on MY PROJECTS -> Create New Project.  Establish a name, and you can start building a record of any details for your (bike) design idea.  Add files, images, details and links to supporting collateral.  You get to choose who can see and participate in your project.

Thank you so much for being part of our community!

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RE: using the 660w motor on a bike
7/12/18 1:46 PM as a reply to Chris Stavros.

Thanks for your answer, i just bought a creality cr10s.

I will definitely start a project and modify the engine 660w to make it work on a bike :)

but first I have to learn how to use 3d software. and I have to learn some things in electronics :D

See you soon

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