makeSEA for Education

Providing a safe space for individuals and teams to collaborate, share and evolve 3D projects

Safe private and public spaces

Every makeSEA Education Space comes fully equipped with a 3D project library to store, organize, version, and share 3D print designs and supporting collateral.

Users and teams can curate their own private libraries of Projects and supporting material of all types. Everything is protected and version-controlled.

Projects can be shared to private or public audiences.

  • Establish a safe, organization-branded space for your institution, student org, lab, or class.
  • Protect designs automatically for download and generate web safe distributable versions that cannot be used without your knowledge or permission.
  • Make projects freely accessible or limit access to authorized users.
  • Use version control to track changes and rollback.

Team collaboration

Your makeSEA Education Space allows teams to collaborate on projects that can evolve over time.

Track the evolution of designs that span multiple terms and the contributions of many.

  • Easy, inline edited Project spaces make publishing and updating as easy as click-and-type.
  • Audit-enabled attribution guarantees credit for every individual contribution to each project.
  • Teams can collaborate privately, share across the community, or to the world, and keep track of the distribution of protected assets.

Content that lasts and evolves

Your makeSEA Education Space includes a 3D asset library to store, organize, version, and distribute your 3D print designs publicly, or privately.

  • Every single entry or update to the system is recorded, versioned, and can be retrieved, including Project descriptions, assets, metadata and all supporting collateral.
  • Back up your IP claims with a living historical record of designs as they evolve over time and cross-purpose: all entries and updates to project collateral are time-stamped and audit-able for historical record.
  • makeSEA supports custom metadata models for your catalog that are meaningful to your audience and purpose and can include virtually any important parametric details: application/fit, materials or output-specific information, test and quality control data, etc.
  • Project assets can propagate to other projects while keeping track of all lineage and attribution.
  • Metadata set can evolve and grow as objects are mashed up and reused.

Rich library of free courseware material

Every makeSEA Education Space comes pre-populated with amazing makeSEA 3D ojbects ready to use in the classroom

  • Free access to incredible 3D-printed projects including a brushless motor, wind turbine, water turbine, as well as utility parts like snaps, fits, hinges and more.
  • Many projects are suitable for multidisciplinary learning and can be used for single class instruction, or, an entire term.
  • Teach students how to produce professional-grade documentation using real-world examples: makeSEA sample content serves as an excellent guide for students to create their own "Grade A" project postings and critical analysis.


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