for Construction
Differentiate your firm from competitors with next-level design and collaboration capabilities.

makeSEA provides a suite of tools designed to
help construction firms offer customers a truly
different bid, buy and build experience.

With makeSEA you can help your clients
visualize their build in the real world.
See existing infrastructure
embedded in walls and surfaces
for easy location and access.

Superimpose new plans in real space.
Identify conflicts before mistakes are made.
Check planned changes on the fly.
Visualize changes on site.

Save time and avoid costly mistakes by visualizing plans and changes in real space
Get everyone on the same page.
makeSEA's over the air collaboration tools allow visualization of plans and changes in the field. Plus, get real-time updates to project files, notes, and other collateral. Keep clients, design teams and contractors in sync by documenting and communicating change decisions as they occur regardless of everyone's location.