makeSEA is FREE to use for up to two concurrent XR participants per Project space and includes an automatic 30 day free trial of makeSEA Pro when you activate your account
(up to 10 concurrent Pro XR collaborators per project).


Get Detailed Instructions and Download Catapult - the Cross-platform AR/VR Client for makeSEA Projects Here


Just sign-up and get started with no reoccurring charges or obligation.


For more concurrent users and unlimited project spaces, please consider our Pro Subscription.  


Looking for your own private makeSEA (your brand, your users)? Check out our Private Office Bundle or Contact Us for more information.



Subscription Bundles and Hardware

makeSEA PRO Subscription
Unlimited project spaces and
up to 10 concurrent
XR collaborators
per project space
  • XR meetings exceeding 2 XR participants require a Pro Subscription for each additional participant
  • Requires Magic Leap 1, Microsoft Hololens 2, or Oculus Quest for XR collaboration
Single User Subscription

Private makeSEA
Office Bundle



Build your own private-label makeSEA community

  • Your branding, domain and URL
  • Exclusive membership & user controls
  • Unlimited user accounts
  • SingleSignOn enabled

Up to 10 concurrent XR sessions