For Remote Hands

Concierge guided and remote presence

Integrate concierge guided white glove remote-presence ordering and inspection services with world-class B2B eCommerce workflow using livestream and mixed reality technology.

On-site solutions

The marketplace requires new solutions to the challenge of on-site inspections and ordering internationally sourced materials — a remote means is required.

Materials procurement is ripe for modernization using current B2B eCommerce methods.

Solve supplier demands and inspections.

As demands on suppliers increase and travel and on-site inspections are no longer easy or cost efficient, a solution is required that combines several functions:
• Remote presence site inspections
• Realtime ordering
• Scheduling
• Collaboration
• B2B eCommerce Workflow

makeSEA’s friendly and familiar user experience can be achieved using off-the shelf tools with a well thought out UX. Because the workflow is inherently guided, a concierge-based solution is convenient and efficient for everyone.

Remote meetings recorded for playback and recall.

With online conferencing system of choice and a Livestream video from an on-site, proxy visitor-mounted device, remote meetings are recorded for playback and recall. The proxy can be guided, and the buyer can note what to purchase in real-time, by simply joining a conference call and starting the stream.

During live or recorded stream tour and/or buying sessions, a live concierge can enter order information into the B2B eCommerce system for processing.

makeSEA Solutions Suite for Remote Hands is customized to fit your needs.


  • Live Event Technical Support
  • User dashboard to tie together online systems for a unified customer experience
  • Training for proxies through video instructions
  • eCommerce platform to facilitate purchase and procurement workflow

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