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Using AR for EDU

It’s no secret that keeping the attention of today’s students is harder than ever. From grade school to college level, these students have been raised with exposure to rich technological advancements. Technologies such as smart-boards and e-textbooks, computer and tablet learning have all become part of the normal classroom experience. To keep today’s students engaged they need to be immersed in the experience, excited and challenged.  
While the classroom evolved over the last decade with the use of the above mentioned technology devices, Augmented Reality (AR) software and hardware advances were taking place. We’re now looking at a future where AR-enabled lessons can become an integral part of any classroom setting. To put this in perspective, in a survey of 900 developers conducted for XRDC in August of 2019, 33% of the respondents listed Education as a focus of their current/potential work in augmented reality, virtual reality and mixed reality.
3D Design and printing combined with AR for visualization is already available. High School level and many disciplines at the college level, including Additive Manufacturing, Health Sciences, the Arts, Architecture and Engineering, are problem solving and designing in 3D and printing to test results.
makeSEA for Education is a platform that provides a project collaboration space to keep track of evolving 3D designs and the communications between teams. It provides a private, secure place for individuals and teams to track design attribution and heritage, showcase their intellectual property, and learn the critical skill of producing quality documentation.
With the integration of Magic Leap technology the makeSEA for Education platform uses AR visualization tools as an interim step to 3-D printing to assist with design iterations. AR technology is included as part of the makeSEA platform for Education. Individuals and teams can collaborate with others and make changes to the design in real-time without multiple test prints. And with the use of AR and visualization students can save time, and institutions save on the costs and wasted materials associated with multiple test prints. A greater number of students can be served with fewer printers.
If you’d like to see how makeSEA for Education can enhance your 3D printing curriculum or lab feel free to reach out to us for a free demo or trial. Call 800-803-1050 or Contact Us today.
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*Catapult requires assets saved in GLB, OBJ, FBX or MP4 (standard 720p, 1080p, or 3K 360˚ spherical surround format), or a makeSCENE package for live over-the-air collaboration with shared spatial content.  See the how-to guide for hints and instructions on how to easily export or convert content from most 3D authoring tools and platforms.


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