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AR and 3D Printing Should be Part of Advanced Curriculums

makeSEA for Education provides a safe, secure environment for students to collaborate and iterate on 3D designs and projects. Our SaaS platform also offers a way to get started with Augmented Reality, converting your files automatically for use in the 3D visualization space.

Augmented Reality, visual reality, mixed reality, spatial computing, and now XR—whatever term you use to define the new technologies, it’s no secret they are changing the way students learn and interact in the classroom. Nowhere is this as evident as at the advanced technical or college level where disciplines including Architecture, Health Sciences, Engineering, and Additive Manufacturing, are incorporating the new tech into their curriculums. If the curriculum also includes 3D design and printing, students are prepped to face the job market confidently.

What I’m pointing out below is an over-simplified list of what today’s students will contend with in the future. If 3D design/printing and Augmented Reality aren’t already a part of a curriculum, they will be soon enough.

Let’s start with Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC). In the past an architect or engineer has been mired in paper-based  processes to bring the project stakeholders to the right decisions. With the introduction of 3D printing and AR visualization, students are being prepped to present clients with a 3D printed model of the project and then with the use of AR, walk the client through the future space so everyone gets a stake in refining the build.

Complex projects, such as a hospital or sports complex, are already benefiting from advanced design and visualization as clients engage with the architects and engineers to discover issues that could effect the future build. Issues such as space planning, placement of infrastructure and even the placement of the proposed build on a site can be addressed with visualization through AR and the use of 3D models. Students can study and analyze at scale, models of their designs in real-world environments. Visualization saves time and costly mistakes. This is the future of architecture and engineering and students familiar with the new technologies upon graduation have a leg up on the competition.

Many institutions of higher learning now offer Additive Manufacturing as a discipline. 3D design, 3D printing and AR are integral parts of this curriculum. As an example, 3D design and 3D printing are being used for prototyping of product line design and AR is being used as a tool to visualize those product changes in real time. With the use of AR, team members can collaborate on product design and make changes on-the-fly, regardless of their location.

Nowhere has AR and 3D printing had such an impact as it does in the study of health sciences (dental, nursing, pre-med). In the dental sector it is being used everyday to visualize, design and print 3D implants and dentures at a much lower cost than ever before. Large dental practices are employing the technologies of both 3D design and AR to produce bridges, implants, dental plates and corrective devices for patients in office, cutting down on time and costs to service patients.

AR is being used in Dr.’s offices, clinics and hospitals to provide explanations of new therapies to patients in real world environments. And Prosthetics are being designed, tested and produced for patients—everything from robotic hands to artificial limbs, ears, and even internal organs—using 3D design techniques and AR for visualization and fit.

Today's graduates will be better prepared for tomorrow's workplace if they are familiar with the new technologies already being used in many industries.

If you’d like to see how makeSEA for Education can enhance your curriculum feel free to reach out to us for a free demo or trial. Call 800-803-1050 or Contact Us today.

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