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Positive ROI with the Use of Mixed Reality

Mixed Reality (MR) is an umbrella term given to computer-generated environments that either merge the physical and virtual worlds (AR) or create an entirely immersive experience (VR) for the user. Current adoption of Mixed Reality technologies can be found at the enterprise level in almost all industries and government institutions with use cases for everything from marketing to training.

makeSEA is a SaaS that supports a number of verticals and at the core is a content management platform that can be dressed for any experience from consumer branding to enterprise, industrial applications and even education. makeSEA’s magic leap integration along with the content management functionality gives everyday businesses a platform for implementing Mixed Reality into their business processes.

Until now, creating 3D objects and content has been an obstacle for many businesses. Small to medium size businesses do not have access to the knowledge and skills or software expertise to produce viewable and engaging 3D content nor do they have any idea how to implement MR for their business. The makeSEA platform makes it easy to generate unique 3D visuals from existing files of any format and gives everyday businesses the ability to wow their customers, enhance their offerings and differentiate themselves from the competition.

Use the makeSEA platform to implement MR for your business with:

  • No barriers to entry
  • No barriers to development
  • Automatically convert existing 3D content into AR content
  • Cost efficiency

With business hesitant to adopt MR technologies it’s important that C-Level execs and IT Departments understand the positive ROI that has already been achieved by some of the early adopters of the new technologies. According to, some of the biggest winners include:

  • Lockheed Martin - achieved a 10x ROI by prototyping aviation parts virtually.
  • Volkswagen - reduced training time by 50 percent for maintenance workers on the T6 Multivan. This translated to a dollar savings of 66 percent over their traditional training methods.
  • The U.S. Air Force - reduced errors in aircraft maintenance to almost zero with a move from VR to AR. This was achieved by placing line-of-sight annotations directly over engine parts during training.

Mid-level industries and businesses can learn from Enterprise level adopters of the new technologies who are seeing positive ROI on their investments.

Some of the best use cases at the enterprise level include:

  • Marketing - offering new ways to engage with consumers and to offer new products.
  • Product Design and Development - building, testing and improving products virtually.
  • Training - more efficient and effective maintenance and training. High risk conditions can be eliminated with an immersive environment for hands on practice without the real-world risks.
  • Remote viewing - real estate and architecture firms can virtually present properties and plans in real time.
  • Remote collaboration - remote employees can seamlessly participate in meetings and access data from anywhere, anytime.

Whatever your use case, call 800-803-1050 or CONTACT US to see how easy it is to get your business ready for the future.

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