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Easy Augmented Reality

makesea for Augmented Reality (AR) is a SaaS that supports a number of verticals and at the core is a content management platform that can be dressed for any experience from consumer branding to enterprise, industrial applications and even education.

makeSEA’s magic leap integration along with the content management functionality gives everyday businesses a platform for implementing AR into their business processes. Until now, creating 3D objects has been an obstacle for many businesses. Small to medium size businesses do not have access to the knowledge and skills or software expertise to produce viewable and engaging content nor do they have any idea how to implement AR for their business.

The makeSEA platform makes it easy to generate unique 3D visuals from existing files of any format and gives everyday businesses the ability to wow their customers, enhance their offerings and differentiate themselves from the competition.

Use the makeSEA platform to implement Augmented Reality for your business with:

  • No barriers to entry
  • No barriers to development
  • Automatically convert existing 3D content into AR content
  • Cost efficiency

makeSEA provides a workflow that instantaneously translates 3d print objects for visualization and converts FBX and glb files. What does this mean for your business? As an example, architects can show clients and contractors buildings and infrastructure at scale to check for right fit. And designs like 3d printed objects can be viewed before they go to print to check for problems in the designs. These are just two examples of cost saving measures achieved with AR technology.

With the makeSEA platform the tools provide what-you-see-is-what-you-get content publishing. Publishing content for the makeSEA AR platform is as easy as Upload, Publish, Collaborate.
Whatever your use case, call 800-803-1050 or CONTACT US to see how easy it is to get your business AR ready. We are enabling digital transformation for everyday business.

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has arrived for Magic Leap (download now at Magic Leap World - stay tuned for more).












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What Green 3D Projects would you like to see at makeSEA?

What green 3D projects would you like to see at makeSEA?

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What do you use for 3D Print Object Digital Rights Management today?

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