Attribution in 3D Print Design

The possibilities to mash up 3D print designs are infinite:  a gear becomes a motor, becomes a vehicle... It's happening today; check out our friends at LocalMotors to see what they are up to.

makeSEA is more than a cataloging tool. It is a system of record that can help provide an audit trail of versions, the nesting of designs, and encourage good citenzenship and fair trade in a manner that is considerate of all contributing parties.

Your makeSEA account includes powerful tools to track your designs, and attribution for related works regardless of how they are shared or distributed.

Get analytics about how your designs are shared that mature as 3D standards improve - and influence those standards in a manner that is meaningful to you by participating in the makeSEA Standards Committee and Community

  • Know when an asset is downloaded.
  • Know when an asset is opened if shared elsewhere.
  • Get alerts when subscribers to your designs post related work.
  • Get analytics about your makeSEA profile and assets, and track attribution chain for nested designs.

We have much more in store! Your participation is key.
Become a part of makeSEA with no cost or obligation and help influence the future of 3D printing today.