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Get credit for your Work

Track who uses your Designs

Shape the 3D print industry

What you get when you join:

This is your opportunity to influence 3D metadata and digital rights management standards and protect your intellectual property.

3D Printing Design Attribution

Attribution and Tracking

Protect your 3D designs

Track how they are used

Get credit for your original work

3D Print Market Tracking

Track and Analyze

Share your makeSEA registered assets

Track your designs, everywhere

Analyze how your work is used and evolves

3D Printing Marketplace

Share and Brand

Create your profile and portfolio showcase

Share your makeSEA protected assets

Build your brand/name recognition

3D Printing Marketplace

Promote and Influence

Share ideas with the Community

Promote 3D standards

Influence the 3D Industry

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Welcome to makeSEA

makeSEA is a distribution independent registry for 3D print designers, a portfolio showcase,
and a system of record to help track attribution and design mashups.

Be creative. Register your work. Share it with the world. Keep track.


Learn More About Us

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Help Influence the 3D Print Industry

Have an opinion about 3D file formats, interoperability or digital rights management (DRM)? Frustrated with patent trolling and concerned about how it might impact the rights to your 3D designs?

We are, too; so let's work together. You can help influence 3D printer manufacturers and software developers by encouraging them to play fair and adopt standards that help protect your work, and provide interoperability between file formats, authoring tools, and printers.

The makeSEA platform is designed to work independently of any particular format, application, or printer. Help influence the industry to build native support for open metadata and rights management standards into printer technologies for more features and better author/designer control - to the benefit of all platforms.

Learn more about 3D Print Standards

Beta Testers Needed Now

We need beta testers and early adopter community members.

Be one of the first members of the makeSEA Community by becoming a makeSEA Beta Tester today. You can lend your voice to the movement and help trial makeSEA technology. Protect and share your makeSEA registered assets, and create a Profile and Portfolio Showcase for your work.

How it Works

Trial the makeSEA Technology

Share and help evolve the 3D print landscape:

  • Protect and get credit for your original 3D design work(s).
  • Track how your work is used and evolves.
  • Lend your voice to Influence 3D printer manufacturers and software developers to play fair and adopt standards.